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At Moscow Axe Throwing our goal is to compliment the calm beauty of the Palouse with the timeless sport of Axe Throwing!

Axe throwing's history is an intriguing topic. Due to the low cost of production, axes have been used as both a tool and a weapon throughout history.

Some of the first tools used by humans were axes. In the Stone Age, they were widespread. When they were first created, they lacked a handle (or haft), and the cutting edge was fashioned of stone. They became weapons very quickly. Thrown axes, however, were not utilized until 400–500 AD.

Among throwing axes, the Francisca axe is arguably the most well-known. It was a weapon in the early middle ages. It was widely recognized as the national weapon of the Franks, but many other Germanic Tribes also employed it at the time. 

Some historians contend that axes were not actually thrown during wars. They think it would be foolish to lose a cherished weapon and then find themselves defenseless in the face of their adversaries. They contend that it was instead utilized for food hunting. Thrown weapons were frequently employed because it was difficult to get within an arm’s length of an animal.

Some historians contend that throwing the axe came before engaging in hand-to-hand combat. They gave their combat operations a psychological advantage. It was challenging to estimate where the axe would land because the Francisca frequently had a random trajectory. Enemies would frequently flee after a salvo out of concern that another one would follow.

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Customized Experience

Looking for something unique for your next bachelor/bachelorette, birthday, fraternity, sorority or company party? Book the whole venue or just a few lanes and we’ll work with you to customize your experience to make sure its an event no one forgets!

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We’ll work with your schedule and goals. We believe in reciprocity with our employees; the more you invest in us the more we invest in you! Send us a copy of your resume via our application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Moscow Axe Throwing Rockstar Coaching & Staff

Our team is searching for enthusiastic, axcited staff members to kick open the doors of Moscow Axe Throwing! We are looking for an individual who brings a fun attitude to the job site, wants to work hard, and loves working with people. We are primarily an evening and weekend business, so the ideal candidate must be able to work those shifts. 

Opportunity for promotions and raises will be available for staff who are dependable, have a good attitude and communicate effectively. Must have a willingness to learn and develop themselves with the company. Long term employment is ideal; however we can work with your lifestyle as long as you communicate with us. Please attach resumes with your response and tell us a little about yourself.

What We Offer:

Job Duties & Ideal Candidates:

As an equal opportunity employer, we provide a fair and unbiased hiring process that does not discriminate against any individual based on their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability status. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that respects and values the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of all our employees, and promotes a culture of respect and dignity for everyone. We believe that by providing equal opportunities for all, we can attract and retain the best talent, foster innovation and creativity, and build a stronger and more successful organization that benefits everyone.
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Our Founding Team

Chris Ihler

Born and raised in Washington Chris developed a passion for entrepreneurship and working with people. He graduated from Seattle University with Bachelor of Business Management and a Minor in Entrepreneurship while receiving recognition for entrepreneurial spirit and business plan competitions from the University. Combining his passion for people and business Chris spearheaded several public facing voter education projects collaborating with community, business, and public leaders thought the state. Additionally, he recruited and managed hundreds of volunteers and staff for his projects. As the General Manager for the business Chris’ brings a combination of entrepreneurial, managerial, and people skills that ensure an excellent business execution.

Chris Ihler - Co Founder of Moscow Axe Throwing - Moscow, ID

Tyler Sabin

After visiting Heber Hatchets in Spokane with a few friends Tyler was inspired to start Hansa Hatchets. Being a fulltime Manager in Pullman, he knew he would need business partners with available time and wisdom. Having started a few businesses around different parts of the US, Tyler wanted to challenge himself with something different. In 2017 he graduated from WSU in Pullman with a Bachelor of Science. Shortly thereafter he quickly discovered his love of business after reading the works of Robert Kiyosaki. Tyler spent the following years increasing his knowledge of business, getting involved in real estate, and developing his business education empirically.

With Hansa Hatchets being an evolving project, Tyler sought partners who could compliment his knowledge and capital with their own critical thinking and success driven attitudes. With his contribution he would need onsite management and an additional capital provider. After pitching this idea to various business networks, Chris and Greg displayed these as well as the complementary abilities and experiences Tyler wanted to work with. As an alumnus of WSU, he is excited to be returning to the Palouse with a vision for the region and to have a great team to work with.

Tyler Sabin - Co Founder of Moscow Axe Throwing - Moscow, ID