Axes 101

Everything you need to know about throwing axes, and the history of how it became.

Axe throwing's history is an intriguing topic. Due to the low cost of production, axes have been used as both a tool and a weapon throughout history.

Some of the first tools used by humans were axes. In the Stone Age, they were widespread and commonly used throughout Europe. When they were first created, they lacked a handle (or haft), and the cutting edge was fashioned from stone. They became weapons very quickly. Throwing axes, however, were not utilized until 400–500 A.D.

Among throwing axes, the Francisca axe is arguably the most well-known. It was a weapon in the early middle ages. It was widely recognized as the national weapon of the Franks, but many other Germanic Tribes also employed it at the time. 

Some historians contend that axes were not actually thrown during wars. Historians think it would be foolish to lose a cherished weapon and then find themselves defenseless in the face of their adversaries. They contend that it was instead utilized for food hunting. Thrown weapons were frequently employed because it was difficult to get within an arm’s length of an animal.

Some historians contend that throwing the axe came before engaging in hand-to-hand combat. They gave their combat operations a psychological advantage. It was challenging to estimate where the axe would land because the Francisca frequently had a random trajectory. Enemies would frequently flee after a salvo (a simultaneous discharge of artillery in a battle) out of concern that another one would follow.

Coming To America

Axes were transported to the New World by Europeans initially and Native Americans received them as tomahawks from them. Legend has it that the North American frontiersmen were the ones to host the first axe throwing contests. Even so, there are rumors of axe throwing matches between the Celtic tribes. Axe throwing is still a well-liked sport in many lumberjack sporting events. Axe throwing has gained popularity as an urban sport during the past 20 years in several nations, including the UK, the USA, Canada, Thailand, Australia, and France.

The Hatchet

Axe throwing still exists in a variety of forms, from tomahawk to double bit. At Moscow Axe Throwing, we emphasize the hatchet, a single-bladed hand axe that is ideal for throwing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to tossing darts, but with an axe instead! Simply put, it’s a competitive, enjoyable game that lets you compete against friends or foes while scoring points by hurling axes at a wooden target.

Absolutely! Our trainers will spend time with you and demonstrate the game’s rules, best practices, and safety precautions. We have thousands of throws under our belt and we’ve never had an incident. Our team meets regularly to discuss safety concerns with all throwing objects.
3. Walk-ins: How do they work: First-come, first-served walk-in sessions are available, but feel free to partake in any of the entertaining activities we provide while you wait. Your best option is to just reserve the slots if they are offered through our reservation system, especially on weekends and league nights!

After a 5-10 minute demonstration, our instructors will make their way around to your groups individually to assist as needed or requested.

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Shoes with closed toes are the only thing we require. We advise putting on apparel that enables full range of motion.

Ages 8 and older who are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian are welcome. Our throwing coaches will assess your throwing ability.

Anyone can book! No large groups required.

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First-come, first-served walk-in sessions are available, but feel free to partake in any of the entertaining activities we provide while you wait. Your best option is to just reserve the slots if they are offered through our reservation system!

If your there, we require you to buy a ticket and participate unless otherwise discussed with management

PLEASE ARRIVE 5-10 MINUTES EARLY FOR YOUR START TIME! Due to the disruption it would cause to other guests who arrived on time, you might not be permitted to join the range if you arrive late. You could still throw if the full range was reserved for you, but your playing time would be shortened.

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